Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cultural Analysis of Geoengineering

In this post I will culturally analyze an articles I have found online. The article originates from The Washington Post, and is written by Brad Plumer. Plumer writes out his questions from an interview he conducts with climate scientist, David Keith, on the matter of geoengineering. The Q&A session highlights the positive possibilities that methods on the earth can have to better the world on issues, namely global warming.

U.S. Marine Corps photo by LCpl. Dick Kotecki. "Oil blaze in Gas-Oil Separation Plant Six."
03/27/2003 via Wikipedia. Public Domain Dedication.

The cultural key words that are presented in this article are "geoengineering," "solar engineering," "ethicality," and "benefits/consequences." The author uses these words in his interview with Keith to give readers a glimpse of the views behind the climate scientist. The word "geoengineering" is the hot topic of this controversy and people are questioning the ethics behind it. Many still advocated and support the methods of geoengineering so the debate continues.

These key words seek to inform readers what they mean and how they are effecting people everywhere. The methods used in geoengineering affect a large portion of people in mainly developed countries that have access to the technology. As stated by David Keith, the technology is up and coming and it is going to be pretty cheap. Thus the consequences are greater when more people can get a hold of the technology.

People who better understand the topics and have constructed educated views on the matter can fully follow the argument and give scholarly opinions towards what the topic entails. If all people could comprehend the benefits or the consequences of geoengineering then the debate would be much more of a discussion that a controversy.

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